Imagenation: Web Guidance & Assistance

Imagenation is a Web Consultancy dedicated to good guidance and assistance in helping clients get the most from their Web Presence. Imagenation offers a unique approach to Web assistance and development. First there are a series of free tutorials [to see the latest just below, click on the Free menu item] which allow potential clients to get a live look at Web design and makeovers. These are hands-on exercises which have allotted up to 4 hours of online work where a new websites is created or an existing site has a targeted makeover [see the makeover examples in our portfolio below].

The idea is to convey to attendees the ease, speed, and very low cost of Web development today. As well, attendees will see the latest Web methods such as mobile ready responsive pages, sticky menus and the attraction of sliders and splash pages. In addition there are tutorials for a fee which cover specific topics like Practical SEO for increasing Web traffic on your website or the Power of Web Media. Paying attendees get a full credit on their tutorial fees if they engage Imagenation on a Web assignment.

Tutorials for Insights
There are 3 big trends on the Web. First, is the rapid growth of mobile devices as carriers of Web traffic. In 2014, PCs and desktops account for 75% of all Web traffic while mobile devices account for 25%. But by 2018 the numbers are predicted to reverse. This underlines the need for websites to be responsive & mobile ready.

The second major trend is the rise of social media [think Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc].

Just like mobile devices, social media see a rapidly growing trend as a major marketing tool.

The third major trend is that more applications use the Web as a major delivery vehicle. From business apps to TV to gaming; all are moving to the Web as fast as they can.

Our roster of tutorials

Our consultancy can help you take advantage of this move to the Web. Our tutorials provide both insights but also deliver immediate practical Web improvements. We also offer pro bono work for artists and students with substantially reduced rates for service clubs and non-profits.

Imagenation offers full stack web development skills including robust HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and SQL/database capabilities. In addition, the Web today thrives on good design and media. Compelling websites have not only good graphics and layout but also to-notch images, video, plus illustrations and charting. As part of its Web guidance role, Imagenation has provided for the past 15 years five tips & review websites covering these key aspects of full stack Web development. Look to these websites to identify the latest Web tools and trends that can help get your organization's message out to customers.

TheOpenSourcery examines and reports on all aspects of Web Design. This is our "full development stack" website.

JavaScript has gone from being the hidden Web actions tool to being the vital ingredient for Web UI-User Interfaces and server-side transactions.

Imagenation is our primary business site; but it also feature some of the latest Web technologies and trends.

PhotoFinishes shows how to make Web media such as images, audio and video vital to the success of websites.

PicsofCanada tells stories about regions of Canada. It is also a testbed for many Web methods used on our own and client sites.