4 Free Webtools Tutorial

As an 18 year veteran of Web Design and Development, it is hard to decide what is the most important current Web trend: the emergence of smartphones and tablets as a preferred Web browser. Or is it the pivotal role of social media like Facebook and Twitter in marketing? But this tutorial will be devoted to the third trend – the emergence of fast and free or low cost tools for implementing your Web presence.

There are 4 great tools that make make creating a website with all the latest features such as responsive design [your website is immediately smartphone and tablet ready], sticky menus for better navigation plus a host of other tools including easy visual editor, image sliders for compellinng page design, and

The aim of this tutorial is to introduce the 4 free tools and then use them to create either a new or remodeled website. Attendees will have up to 6 hours to aapply expert advice and assistance in remodeling their website or creating a new one.

The plan is  to stage the tutorial at 565 Red Cloud School Road in Warkworth ; but it can be located on your site if desired. Still uncertain? Come to our free Website makeover tutorials  to get a clear and free  impression of our tutorial style and contents. Finally, all those who attend our for-fee conferences will receive an equivalent rebate on any later contract development work. So call 905-621-6966 or email us to reserve a place at our next 4 Free Webtools tutorial.

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