Web Programming Basics

Most Web development used to be concentrated down to HTML and CSS with some serverside technoology like ASP or PHP mixed in. Not any more. HTML+DOM is responsible for Web Page layout; CSS, CSS3, and SASS/LESS do most of the styling, SVG/Canvas do web page drawing; JavaScript with a minor role for Flash are the primary animation, media and action languages, PHP and ASP now compete with Ruby, Groovy, and half a dozen other languages for server side connections; MySQL, SQLite annd other SQL languages now compete with Hadoop, NoSQL and other BigData database tools, etc, etc.

So being a full stack web developer has become dependent on the 80-20 rule. Web developers have to choose very carefully among the 20% of tools that will cover 80% of their organization and clients needs. This tutorial provides some of the rules of the new complex that is Web programming basics.

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