Better Web Images Tutorial

Guidelines to Image Composition – who needs that? More than ever before your website. More and more popular websites are using responsive full screen images on their Home and Landing pages. Responsive? Responsive images can be full screen in size for desktops but the are shrunk automatically to fit tablet or smartphone screens. If the image lacks good image composition, your site will get ignored. Likewise simple rules and corrections are vital for product or service photos and illustrations.

So guidelines to good image and video design will be the subject of this tutorial planned for the Clarington library in Bowmanville. Attendees looking to add sparkle and style to their Websites will find this tutorial provides not only good design ideas but also practical exercises with a number of free and low cost software tools. Better Web Images is the goal – and at low costs.

Still uncertain? Come to our free Website makeover tutorials  to get a clear and free  impression of our tutorial style and contents. Finally, all those who attend our for-fee conferences will receive an equivalent rebate on any later contract development work. So call 905-621-6966 or email us to reserve a place at our next makeover tutorial.

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