DIY-Do It Yourself Websites Tutorial in Warkworth

Imagenation has a DIY Websites tutorial Sat Nov 29th at 12:30PM in Warkworth ON for $40/person.

DIY-Do it yourself Websites
More than ever before DIY-Do It Yourself Websites applies to major portions of their design, development, and maintenance. Yes you can do it yourself with Web tools like WordPress and Blogger. This tutorial shows how using WordPress used on 23.4% of all the worlds websites can make both creation but also operation and modification of your websites remarkably easy to do.

But perhaps the most important DIY features are the powerful Menu, Widget, Page/Post editors plus Theme and Plugin options. For example, both WordPress and Blogger provide both Visual and Text Editors similar to Microsoft Word for editing both pages and posts. Likewise image media and galleries are more easily created or updated by end users. Finally, SEO or promotion of your website does not have to be expensive with an array of low to no cost techniques.

Look for this 2 hour tutorial [plus an optional 2 hour Q&A session] to provide valuable DIY info including a grounding in WordPress or Blogger to help users get the most from changes and operations on their websites. WordPress in particular has improved its online help throughout its backend admin area – and there are dozens of good video intro lessons for WordPress usage.  Attendees looking to find out how much of their website design and operation they can take on will find this tutorial will provide vital info on what and how they can safely do more DIY Web work.

Still uncertain this tutorial fits your needs? Come to our free Website tutorials  to get a clear and free  impression of our tutorial style and contents. Finally, all those who attend our for-fee conferences will receive an equivalent rebate on any later contract development work you do with Imagenation. So call 905-621-6966 or email us to reserve a place at our next DIY tutorial. Here is the Google Map to our place.

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