iMAGENATION for Web Development

iMAGENATION provides three sets of web development services  based on  15 years experience in Web development.

Web Mentoring – we provide a range of tutorials and methods on helping clients use the Web
Website Designs – we deliver mobile ready, responsive websites to our clients
User Interface Development – providing online

Web MentoringWordPress DevelopmentUser Interface Design and Delivery
The following is our web development tips and tutorial site:
Content 1
For the past five years we have developed and run over 100 websites using CMS like WordPress and Joomla plus business sites using Bootstrap and . This includes  my own set of 5 active WordPress Tips and Tutorial blogs. In addition we have been working with clients to increase their crosslinks to social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+. This is one part of an overall SEO improvement for websites.   Years of WordPress, Bootstrap, and HTML5/CSS/JavaScript/PHP/SQL development  means full stack  experience in developing Web systems for clients.
The following is an example of the user interface work which we have been doing for clients which emphasize splash and landing pages to attract and retain user interest and interaction on your website.

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