jQueryUI Plugin for WordPress

W3techs latest numbers show that WordPress is used on 26.6% of all world’s websites. And Matt Mullenweg, the Curator-in-chief of WordPress last November revealed the new pivotal role for JavaScript in WordPress. Right now on WordPress.com all of the site management and creation routines run in JavaScript not PHP traditionally used by WordPress. And Matt has advised WordPress developers “to learn JavaScript deepley”. Hence our interest in the jQueryUI plugin for WordPress.

This plugin makes available for use in WordPress the powerful but easy to use jQueryUI widgets, effects and interaction routines.Readers are encouraged to go to the jQuery UI demos and see how eeasy the jQueryUI widgets and effects are to use. The demo website provides the complete source code so users can quickly and easily try out the code on their local machine. If you have ever wanted to learn jQuery, this is one good starting point.

Here is what jqueryUI provides to WordPress users through the jQueryUI plugin:

If you visit jQueryUI demos site you will see that these are not only useful but quite practical plugins that match basic capabilities of premium plugins like Visual Composer or Beaver Builder.

What is most interesting to see is how the jQueryUI plugin makes it fairly easy to turn on your favorite jQueryUI widgets and tools:
In this case the the accordion and tootip jQueryUI script  code is fairly simple and the appropriate CSS is added behind the scenes. Then all I had to was add accordion and tooltip html and CSS to the post to produce the following:
here is a drawback to using jQueryUI plugin. The your code is added to every page and post regardless of whether you need it. The pro version provides some control for this plus much better editing facilities. In sum, jQueryUI plugin provides a quik route to add jQueryUI [and other Javascript code] to your WordPress pages and posts

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