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Beautify and de-obfuscate your CSS, JS, and HTML files.

Minified code code has become the rule in many Web development shops to improve load time for the pages of a website. And this extends from Javascript [jquery.min.js is typical] thru CSS [font-awesome.min.css is a popular font favorite] to even HTML files. However, there is a ddrawback with minified files during debugging or changes to styling or functions. This first line from the font-awesome.min.css file is hard to understand and change:

Enter which will unminify and beautify any minified javaScript, CSS or HTML file:
Above is the minified jquery.tabs.min.css file. And below is the file after being unminified:

One can easily copy and paste the CSS code to your PC and start testing /changing as required. Frequently I copy a new CSS or JS file  I am working on, paste it into in order to reformat the file. The downside is that users cannot control issues like long line wrap breaks or number of spaces for each level of indent in the formatting/ Also unmiifying LESS and SASS/SCSS files is not supported

But Unminify handles large size files; above is an example of unminifying the jquery.min.js file at 3120 lines. jquery-ui.mon.js comes in at 13,000 lines. I like the online version of Unminify because it is available wherever you are working. Of course there is an online version of Minify [which works in the same way]; but  compresses your code. This leads to the question of compresing your code using Minify and/or Gzip, but that is a discussion for another day.


If you need to unminify some CSS, JavaScript or HTML file and want to do it conveniently online, is a good place to go. If you need to beautify your CSS, JS or HTML file, likewise tryout It is convenient, fast and effective.


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