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We specialize in taking photos of your art, products or event and then bring those images to the Web as distinctive Splash Pages,  Visual Sitemaps or Live Photo Stories. You can see samples of our work  that use static imagesor dynamic slide shows. These photo presentations  that can be stand alone or be incorporated into your website.

The following are some examples of  both standalone and website  located images. Just click on a tab to see a live slider presentation.

[tab: name=” StandAlone+Live Story”]Stand Alone Live Photo Story – The Campbellford Waterfront Festival
This shows the Photo Story of the Campbellford’s 2013 Waterfront Festival. A fun time for all with kids of all ages getting some extra treats and fun. The result is a success story for the BIA Campbellford Committee that put on the Festival.[/tab] [tab: name=” In Website+Splash Pages”]Splash pages incorporated into a Website proposal for the Apple Blossom Tyme Festival 
Click to go to the Website’s starting Splash Page
Here we have an example of how effective Splash Pages can be for a festival, event or even a portfolio of products or art  works.
For the 25th anniversary Festival the Splash Pages act as a Visual Sitemap into the website. Click on a Splash Page image and users are taken to that portion of the website describing the event in detail.[/tab] [tab name=”StandAlone+Art Portfolio”]Art Portfolio on display:
This appears as a stand alone page and as part of the PicsofCanada website showing the versatility that is possible. Being able to highlight your products or art works yet have the option for captioning plus embedded links to an eCommerce cart or detailed specs page will help to sell your works. Even more so because these presentation sliders adapt and resize themselves for tablets and mobile phone screens as well as PCs.
[/tab] [tab name=”Quality Images”] The key to good Splash Pages and Slider Presentations is high quality images. iMAGENATION has photographers and illustrators with decades of experience. See  our  blog devoted to tools, tips and tutorials about all thing photographic. Typically, a presentation slideshow starts with 3-6 times the number of images that are to be used in a presentation slider. User supplied photos are utilized; but typically our staff will also take a set of photos to ensure that there is a sufficient base of images to work from.Turnaround time is typically a single day for raw photos to proposal of the finished slider with 12-24 images. And pricing is  very competitive with special discounts for non-profits and art organizations. Contact us by email here or phone 905-621-6966 for a quote.
[/tab] [tab name=”More Examples”]Here are some more examples of slider presentations:
Cobourg Highland Games
splash page proposal that provides a Visual Sitemap into the website
Cobourg Highland Games 2 – a second proposed splash page that is responsive and has audio which can be muted.
Cobourg Highland Games 3 – a third proposed splash page uses fullscreen images and a thumbnail guide
Northumberland Fall Arts – a slideshow promoting Fall in Warkworth, the group of local artists and other area amenities
Northumberland Fall Arts 2– a  second slideshow promoting Fall in Warkworth and the Northumberland Hills
Alicia’s Art – a slider developed for an artist’s website
3D Slider in action – trial of 3d Slider  for various for use with artists showing
GridAccordion Display – testing effectiveness of image grid for action sequences. It uses semi-responsive design[/tab][end_tabset]

Technical Specifications

Users who purchase our images and/or the presentation sliders with images, receive both the full size raw images and the photofinished images. In the case of presentation sliders, users can purchase a course in how to operate and maintain the presentation sliders so customers can modify the sliders to their custom needs as well as make changes or add new slide imagess on their own. In addition there are nearly free courses available for such tasks as:
Free Photofinishing Tools for Improving your Images
Avoiding or Correcting the 8 most common Photography Errors
Elements of Photo Composition for Better Quality Images
Suggested Workflow for Finishing Dozens of Photos in a  Half-a-Day or Less

All the presentation sliders use  Web standards such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript[primarily using the jQuery Framework]. Many are free except for the time it takes to learn how to operate them well. Other presentation sliders, like their courses, cost about $100 or less. Almost all of the slider are responsive. This has two meanings – 1)it means fast response time when used on your website but 2)it also means that the slider adapts to the screen size that is being used to view the presentation slider. This is important because now nearly 30% of users browse the Web using tablets or smartphones or other small screen devices.

Other Provided Services

See our iMAGENATION  for Animation and Video service if you require non-Flash animations for banners ads, Splash Pages, or special presentations. If you require Flash animation or video, we can recommend some designers  in the area. However, realize that Apple has adamantly refused to support Flash in its iOS used to power iPods, iPhones, and iPads except indirectly through some Adobe AIR apps.  In contrast, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 8 all support Flash.

There are tools for doing increasingly sophisticated animations without using Flash. The trade-off is that Flash delivers features and compression that even Apple has failed to come close to matching with its Quicktime video software. So from time to time we will not take on animation/video projects truly require sophisticated or Flash-based services.


Our rates are very competitive and are quoted on a per photofinished image basis. Presentation Sliders are priced depending on whether they are to be used standalone or installed in a website. Typically, these slider development costs range in the 4-12 manhour range depending on how many revisions/customizations are required.  Some presentation sliders have purchase costs associated with them. Finally, there are discounts available for non-profits and art organizations.

Contact us by email here or phone at 905-621-6966 for a discussion and quote on your project.

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