Revenge of the Flash Nerds

While doing a review of 8 free online photo editors and some of the best online graphic tools, I discovered the resurrection and renaissance of Flash. You know Flash, the animation tool axe-slashed  and left for dead by His Silicon Valley Holiness, Steve J. Steve emphatically did not want a cross platform  development tool that worked on iOS, Linux and x86 WindowsSo Flash Got Steve Slashed.

And Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen essentially conceded to Apple and Jobs. No legal action was taken to open up Flash on iOS. And so  support for Flash has effectively  gone underground  in the Adobe product line.The results for a crippled product line have been remarkable.

Flash Player and AIR are still alive as is Flash Builder. Almost stealthily,  AIR continues to prosper and has been voted Best Mobile Application Development Product 2 years in a row at the Consumer Electronics Show[CES 2014 and CESs2015].  And the Flash and AIR apps in games, education,  and entertainment among other categories has lead to 100 thousand Flash/AIR apps used on 1 billion devices. See the showcase here.

Flash itself  has been renamed Animate CC and still has a muddled output spectrum including WebGL, HTML5, SWF, SVG, AIR and other platforms. But despite this development turmoil, out in the online world, Flash Player developers have delivered some great online apps. Click on a slide to goto the app:

Pixlr online photo editor
Mathlingz - a game for teaching math skills
SumoPaint free online image editor
Prezi - innovative presentation software
Wix - drag and drop free website builder
FotoFlexor - online Instagram-like photo editor
BeFunky - superb online graphic design tool
Dracula Boom kids game
PicMonkey - top online photo finishing
SuperString Lyric videomaker
Synonymy - a fascinating word game
Pixlr Express - online, free collage maker
These are impressive testaments to the  UI features  and performance of Flash in the challenging world of online development.


Steve Jobs in smearing Flash complained of overheating, reliability, speed deficits, and incompatibility with his designs. These claims were bogus and trumped up to keep his iOS operating system software proprietary. The only claim that could have stuck was the security vulnerability of Apple’s own QuickTime Player..And these same runtime risks were also being experienced by Apple media software, JavaScript, PHP, plus other languages and frameworks at the time.

Simply put,Flash fell victim to an imperious and self-serving technical assassin. Despite this gross misfortune, Flash has managed to prosper.  The proof is AIR which runs very well on Apple iOS devices today.The proof is the many and largely free online apps on display in the slideshow above. Flash ideas   and methods not just survive, but thrive in a very competitive online marketplace.


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