SEO Becomes Website Promotion

SEO-Search Engine Optimization for the past te years has bee all about getting first page ranking on the Google, Microsoft and Yahoo search engines. When users put in keywords for their searches, the aim has been to land your website as high as possible on the first page returned because 90% of the time the remaining pages returned are ignored by search engine users. SEO experts have worked out dozens of esoteric [and now often illegal] tactics to guarantee their clients page will appear “on the front page”.

But 3 trends are working against this old way to promote your website. First Google and Microsoft are actively working to neutralize the SEO techniques that “spoof the search engines”. Second, the first page is becoming over-run with paid for website ads that have a lower relevance to what you are looking for. So now users are more inclined to search onto the second and third pages gleaning for the best possible info. Finally, social media like Facebook, Google Plus, Dribble, Pinterest, Tumblr have developed their own audiences – and so free or smaller fee promotions on these are turning out to be ever more effective.

This tutorial will examine classic SEO techniques and some of the new social media methods. The emphasis will be on smaller websites with local target markets. Still uncertain? Come to our free Website makeover tutorials  to get a clear and free  impression of our tutorial style and contents. Finally, all those who attend our for-fee conferences will receive an equivalent rebate on any later contract development work you do with Imagenation. So call 905-621-6966 or email us to reserve a place at our next SEO & Web Promotion tutorial.

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