Shortcode Trade-off


Let see if this works. Does the system here provide an automatic break at 1/3rd using the [ one_third] shortcode? And how does it accommodate pictures that are too wide.
Like so:

How shortcodes mess up WYSIWYG WPeditor
Here is this page in WP Editor.
Click on the image to expand to fullsize.

This 854px wide image has been automagiclly shrunk to fit in the 1/3 column provided. And this occurs despite width=”854″ in the HTML.

Finally the spacing between columns is only provided if several   whitespace characters are inserted into the “Blank Column”.
[/one_third] [one_third]              
[/one_third] [one_third_last]Will this provide the gap need between ideas?

One can assume that various stylings will be retained such as:
Bold, italics, underline

Even an H2 resizing/spacing choice

By far the biggest problem with shortcodes in Post/Page editing  is the fact that WordPress WYSIWYG  editing is no longer so. Users must now go the View Post/Page to see what they are going to get. Now many will say this has been the case for many years, but…..

By the way, switching to the Visual side of the WP editor causes all the blankspaces to be erased. Such a nuisance.

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